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How Cyber Security Solutions Protect Your Business

February 4, 2016
CyberToday there are more than 100 million registered domain names, as well as billions of emails exchanged daily. This demonstrates the fact that there are no barriers to making money online. With this in mind, is there any wonder that there are so many spammers and hackers online, too?  If you’re new to the online world, there are some things that you need to know about cyber security solutions. For instance, do you realize that networks are the entry point for most hackers? Of course, hackers penetrate from the outside, which is why you must also watch for physical threats. This means watching your employees and their activities, as well. While you don’t want to think badly of them, it’s a good idea to give each employee different roles with specific database access privileges nonetheless.  There are also a lot of different ways in which attacks generate from the inside too, including:
    • Attackers sometimes attempt to penetrate your system with fake attempts to retrieve forgotten passwords.
    • Hackers make countless login attempts to break an account and steal the user’s identity without the victim ever noticing.
    • Session hijacking occurs when an attacker grabs a user’s unique session ID and uses it for attacking the website.
Now you see why the Internet has earned the nickname “Wild West.” With this in mind it’s easy to understand how important cyber security is, it’s time to contact us. At Pathlock we’re the recognized leader in the cyber security solutions sector. Allow us to help protect your business from threats like these. Pathlock Technologies.  Enterprise Solutions.  Beyond Boundaries.