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Hackers Who Pose as Computer Consultants can Violate your Company’s Data Privacy

February 14, 2016
DataPrivacyCompanies are taking extreme measures to secure data privacy in order to maintain a workplace where client’s personal information is not at risk. Third party companies who specialize in data management have taken serious caution to keep their clients data secure and private. And while HIPAA laws are designed to protect employees from sharing any data that would violate citations, there are still ways for hackers to violate your company’s data privacy. Such as calling employees and telling them that they are computer technicians that are trying to access the employee’s computer to perform technical work. Hackers have found a way to contact companies who have personal information and pretend that they’re from a well-known computer company such as Microsoft to obtain personal data from an employee’s computer. Scammers are swift and often believable to those who are not aware of this scam. A 2014 research study showed that 31% of Kroll’s data breach response cases came from simple, but costly mistakes mainly from internal Healthcare employees who exposed data in both electronic (66%) and paper form (29%). A good management system will detect errors or warning signs; those warning signs will show up in real-time to stop a potential data breach from happening. SAP is a widely known system that companies all over the world use for processing user transactions, storing data, accessing information, and customizing the system to a company’s needs. Finding and implementing a company, such as Pathlock, that manages Data Privacy Solutions in order to monitor and manage risk compliance in real-time can help your company in many ways. It can help your company remain compliant with HIPAA laws, streamline inconsistencies on customer data, and minimize employee mistakes that lead to breach of security. Companies can make employees aware of security risks and scams that are out there, but it takes a whole team to regulate, manage, and monitor an SAP system. Thats where Pathlock comes in. If you would like more information regarding our services, please contact us today. Pathlock Technologies. Enterprise Solutions.  Beyond Boundaries.