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Do You Know What’s Going on in Your Business Applications Right Now?

February 26, 2019
by Jasmine Chennikara-Varghese What’s happening in your business applications and databases right now? Do you need to call your application or database administrator for that answer? Will they have that information at their fingertips or will it take them some time to respond? Meanwhile, an authorized user just created false user accounts with escalated privileges and leaked your customer data… Business applications and databases often contain sensitive customer, employee and corporate data which require comprehensive controls to effectively address security and compliance requirements around that data. Organizations typically rely on strong network perimeter and user access controls to keep their data secure but these measures can be circumvented by motivated threat actors. Perimeter security can be bypassed and the critical applications can be accessed by internal, authorized users who perform risky or malicious activities. While security, IT and compliance teams typically monitor packets, system logs and infrastructure data to build awareness of the health and security of the cyber landscape, this only uncovers details and anomalies at the network, device and user access levels. Comprehensive visibility into the application activities is crucial to proactively detecting data breaches initiated by compromised credentials, rogue employees or non-compliant contractors and vendors. With real-time application visibility across diverse critical applications, security investigations and compliance reporting are accelerated without requiring application or database expertise. Application visibility enables IT and compliance teams to have a unified view of all application activities, user authorizations, and user actions against critical data which can be leveraged as single source of evidence for audits and compliance reports. Security teams can monitor user behaviors and mitigate insider risk by first categorizing normal application behaviors and then accurately detecting anomalous activities which deviate from the “norm”. Key application events and alerts can be forwarded to a central SIEM for additional correlations with network and infrastructure security data, to quickly triage and escalate the most critical events happening in your cyber landscape. Learn more about how Pathlock can empower you with application visibility to strengthen cyber security, mitigate insider risk and streamline compliance in your landscape.