Cyber Security Teams

Support Zero Trust security policies with granular access control, sensitive data protections, and continuous transaction monitoring for critical business applications.


Lower Risk of Insider Threats With Application-Level Protections

Pathlock enables granular access control for sensitive applications and business processes so security teams have stronger oversight of privileged activities.

  • Provide users the application access they need and no more.
  • Continuously monitor what users do with their access to applications.
  • Understand what specific activities are impacting personal data.
  • Demonstrate controls of privileged user access and activity.

Implement Controls for Privacy Compliance

Pathlock helps you adhere to data privacy and other compliance mandates to protect personal and sensitive information.

  • Discover where personal, protected information resides in your IT systems.
  • Reduce your attack surface with data minimization and data masking.
  • Prevent theft or misuse of personal data with Data Loss Protection (DLP).
  • Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, not just at the database or application level, but with field-level protections.

Ensure Controls Adhere to Central Security Policies and Frameworks

The future of security compliance involves lots of controls. There’s no need for your team to recreate the wheel every time a compliance mandate evolves.

With Pathlock you can design, monitor, and manage all types of controls in one central location to ensure consistency across all systems, geographies, and business units. You can have a single set of consistent controls that cover multiple use cases and adheres to your security policies and security framework.

Pathlock’s data protection capabilities have helped us enhance security without disrupting work. Users need to have the right access to do their jobs, and Pathlock tackles that while protecting sensitive information.

Governance Risk and Compliance

At Citrix, we look at access risks and conflicts across systems, not app by app. Pathlock allowed us to standardize and automate access management and SOD analysis across our key systems. We’re more efficient because our teams don’t need to learn new processes for different systems, and we’re more secure because we have cross-system visibility.

Finance and Global Accounting Systems

See how Pathlock saved a leading Fortune 500 company over $1,700,000 in control costs.

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