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Guest Blog: Is Your Cyber Security Strategy Keeping You in Control?

June 2, 2016

Guest Blog: Is Your Cyber Security Strategy Keeping You in Control?

By Brian Gonzalez-Hernandez, SAP

More and more, our world is connecting via the web. In one minute, approximately $2,402,346 are exchanged intraffic lights against a vibrant blue sky (copy-space ready for your design)global commerce sales. This includes desktop sales of $ 1,862,980 and mobile sales of $539,366. This isn’t even accounting for business to business transactions that are carried over the cloud and the web every day. The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that by 2020 all business transactions on the internet will reach 450 billion per day. In order to reach the buyer of today, business have to be willing to form part of E-Commerce, there is no question about this! E-commerce however increases our risk of attack from cyber pirating. Cyber criminals are also paying attention to the massive amounts of money and data being shared every minute over the web and they want a piece of the pie. This means that we have an ever increasing vulnerability to cyber breaches.

Are you effectively capturing and storing your data and is it secure?

The best way to feel more confident on the cyber security front would be to accomplish three goals: Gain Control with Cyber Governance, automate regulatory compliance, and effectively monitor access management. This sounds simple, but the amount of surveillance required makes it a daunting task. The best solution for this would be an automated solution that would help IT professionals integrate applications based on their specific industry requirements while providing a constant monitoring or your cyber security systems. The solution would have to make it possible to manage cyber threats, regulatory turbulence and the financial impact of risk. Currently Companies have to spend millions of dollars and countless hours annually evidencing compliance with internal controls and external regulatory requirements. This continuous monitoring requires tedious manual processes, procedures, and tests of control. Because of this, compliance teams struggle to keep up with the pace of regulatory and technological change. Automated continuous monitoring can transform the controls and compliance management of an organization, moving them from sample-based, reactive compliance programs to an exception-based, proactive compliance strategy. This automated solution sounds too good to be true but it does exist. SAP and Pathlock Technologies offers the industry’s only enterprise continuous monitoring solution. Pathlock is a unique integration platform that provides companies with the ability to continually monitor exceptions across business and IT controls in a single solution. It allows you to:
  • Continuously asses the effectiveness of controls and predict areas of non-compliance
  • Provide ongoing identification of control deviations with analytics-based transaction monitoring
  • Quantify the financial impact of actual risk to your organization
  • Has a Library of pre-built adapters to business applications and IT systems
Pathlock Security Risk Analytics leverages data from multiple sources and analyzes asset, network, business function and risk intelligence with security, compliance and incident data.

What do you get with Pathlock?

Pathlock offers an integrated view of the business manifestation of risks due to failures or violations in security, compliance, and incident management, enabling actionable insight to enforce a defensible and resilient cyber posture. It is an integrated solution that provides situational awareness on multiple fronts – risk, threat, compliance, incident from a single pane. Aggregation of compliance, risk, threat, and incident data in a single solution also enables real-time, flexible board room reporting of key performance indicators.

Interested in gaining and maintaining cyber security control?

Contact Pathlock today and we will be happy to help you learn how you can protect and manage your cyber security strategy more effectively with automated real-time continuous monitoring.