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Customer FAQ

Nicholas Sorenson
March 8, 2021

Why did you change the name from Greenlight Technologies? 

The new Pathlock name reinforces our expanded focus on securing the digital enterprise.   We are aiming to broaden our relationship with customers and serve as a strategic partner in the journey to Zero Trust.  

Where can I learn more about the new name change? 

Our CEO Anand Adya and President Kevin Dunne have released a post on our blog covering the strategy and highlighting our landmark investment from Vertica Capital Partners here. 

Is there any change to my service? 

No, there will be no impact or change whatsoever to the service you receive from Greenlight Technologies, save for the new Pathlock brand name and logo.  The product, documentation, and support you receive will all remain the same. 

Will the website be moving?  

Yes, will be redirected to . 

How do I contact support? 

You can continue to contact us through the same ticketing portal.  All email addresses will still be active and will redirect to 

Do our contracts need to be updated? 

No, we have simply updated the name of our legal entity from “Greenlight Technologies, Inc. “ to “Pathlock, Inc. (formerly Greenlight Technologies .Inc.)” You will see the update in our next billing cycle, but should not require the creation of any new vendor registration or agreements. 

Who can I contact with further questions? 

We are always happy to hear from our amazing customers!  Please feel free to email our head of customer success, Ileene Yelo, at [email protected] .