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A Clear Case for Why You Should Use Pathlock Technologies for Regulatory Compliance

February 22, 2016

Regulatory Compliance

industriesPathlock Corporation is your key to first-rate regulatory compliance. You know the importance of regulatory compliance in the banking industry but here is a clear idea why Pathlock is the key to your success. In the world of regulatory compliance, they are at the top of the industry. Pathlock Corporation received the highest possible rating in the Gartner MarketScope. They are the market leader in continuous, real-time enterprise business controls monitoring software. The reason that they are receiving all of these accolades is because they know their business and they are both ready and willing while being able to ensure that your banking business is fully compliant with all applicable regulations.  It is important that you understand that even if you have outsourced some of your mundane tasks to be fiscally responsible and reduce costs, the regulatory agency is still going to be looking at you when they levy fines and other unpleasant punishments if anything goes wrong.
Enforcement actions may be taken against your organization based on violation by a supplier, regardless of your organization’s knowledge, involvement, or lack thereof. For example, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a relatively new federal agency formed in 2011 under The Dodd-Frank Act, explicitly targets its enforcement powers at the conduct of both financial institutions and their service providers. LEXOLOGY

The Solution

Do yourself a favor and make Pathlock Technologies part of your winning team.  They have the knowledge and technology to make your financial institutions a brightly shining example of regulatory compliance. To speak with someone about regulatory compliance and how it can seamlessly integrate with your current operations, please contact us. Pathlock Technologies.Enterprise Solutions.  Beyond Boundaries.