Automate your

ISO 27001
compliance program

Find all cross-application SoD conflicts and automate ISO 27001 with Pathlock

Cross Application SOD Risk Analysis
  • Map all Segregation of Duty (SOD) and sensitive access risks across your systems to stop threats and take the pain out of compliance.
SOD Provisioning and “What If” Analysis
  • With Access Control you can run “What-If” analyses outside of provisioning request workflows to check what new risks might be introduced.
Automated User Access Reviews and Dashboarding
  • Shorten user access review cycles by up to 80% by automating your process end-to-end.
Out-of-the-Box Rulesets and Regulations
  • By implementing Access Control, you’re covered for SOD risks and SOX compliance.
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Identify, resolve, and monitor all SoD exposures and ISO 27001 violations in your critical applications from one panel

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Resolve SoD issues across
all your business applications

Pathlock enables to look at all SoD violations across your applications from one panel. Know if someone can create a vendor in one application and pay that vendor in the same or different app. We also track every user action and allow you to prioritize violations by actual user activities or level of risk exposure.

Automate User Access Reviews
using real activities

Identifying SoD conflicts is just the beginning. Pathlock automates this process across all your applications by mapping the security models for each app behind the scenes, so you can resolve issues from one panel.

Pathlock also takes automation to the next level by cross referencing access conflicts to actual user transactions, so you can prioritize risks by real violations or financial exposures, while proving this to auditors.

Solve 3rd party emergency access
with compliant reporting

ISO 27001 requires compliant documentation of all privileged access sessions. Sometimes you need to elevate privileges temporarily, and Pathlock allows you to escalate user privileges for a defined period of time, monitor all activities while the user in the application, end sessions automatically if privileges are abused, and produce auditor-trusted documentation from one centralized dashboard.

Our reporting is trusted by the world’s leading audit and technology partners
Do you know where SoD issues exist across your organization?

Find out with our obligation-free Risk Assessment. Our team will do all the heavy lifting and show you how much exposure you have, and how Pathlock can automate your controls to prove ISO 27001 compliance.

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