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Monitoring Users While Reviewing 95% Less Data

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Jabil established a global governance organization to orchestrate an org-wide security redesign project. The company chose Pathlock to monitor all user activities within their SAP systems and, as a result, decreased the amount of manually reviewed user activity data by 95%. Now, risk owners are alerted in real time when risks are detected. Pathlock has helped Jabil simultaneously eliminate manual data review and improve its security posture.

Jabil Circuits, Inc.

St. Petersburg, Florida


Professional services – manufacturing

Products and Services

Electronics manufacturing services




$25B USD (2019)


SAP BPCS (Legacy),

Monitoring Users While Reviewing 95% Less Data
Global manufacturing services company Jabil sought a solution that could identify, quantify, and help remediate SOD and business risks with audit-ready reporting capabilities.
Before: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Tedious, manual processes to test effectiveness of SOD controls and assure compliance
  • Sample-based testing in place to understand and report on user activities with critical systems
  • Limited available methods to identify users with high-risk access authorizations
Why Pathlock
  • Provide full suite of risk analysis, data security, user access management, and access control tools
  • Monitor all user activity with controls and risks prioritized based on potential business impact
  • Monitor all user activity with controls and risks prioritized based on potential business impact
After: Value Driven Results
  • Moved from quarterly to continuous monitoring of all user activity and access risks for enhanced visibility and data security
  • Reduced volume of data reviewed manually by 95% through alerting on violations rather than reviewing data samples
  • Provided external auditors with automated reporting to stay compliant
How Pathlock Helps

Reduction in cross-system SOD risks


Decrease in user data reviewed manually


Audit-ready reporting


Monitoring of 15,000-plus application users

Pathlock’s data protection capabilities have helped us enhance security without disrupting work. Users need to have the right access to do their jobs, and Pathlock tackles that while protecting sensitive information.

Governance Risk and Compliance

Pathlock allows us to find out on a real time basis where access violations are happening, identify exactly what caused them, and review whether action needs to be taken. We’re monitoring millions of activities daily which enables us to focus only on the items that represent true SOD conflicts or risks.

Senior Director

Pathlock retrieves activity data from users so we can understand where access conflicts are. The risk matrix implemented in Pathlock allows us to measure potential impact in Euros for each risk and see the actual user activities that violate access policy. And of course, it’s all automated.

Senior Project Manager
Finance and Audit

At Citrix, we look at access risks and conflicts across systems, not app by app. Pathlock allowed us to standardize and automate access management and SOD analysis across our key systems. We’re more efficient because our teams don’t need to learn new processes for different systems, and we’re more secure because we have cross-system visibility.

Finance and Global Accounting Systems