Access Orchestration
for the Digital Enterprise

Pathlock’s integrated solution brings together previously siloed security activities to reduce risk and save you time.

Old Methods to Govern Access Controls Aren’t Working for Fast-Growing Digital Enterprises

Manual checks are time-consuming and error-prone. ​

Business teams can’t make informed decisions about access because they don’t understand the value of risk at stake.​

Companies have invested in many types of tech to solve the issue, but they’re disconnected and require too much manual work.​

People spend time managing controls, matching up data, wading through false positives, and documenting all that work for auditors.

Access Orchestration Synthesizes Controls for Financial Transactions and Sensitive Data Use Across Your Entire IT Ecosystem

Unlike traditional risk, audit and security systems, access orchestration continuously monitors and synthesizes transactions across your applications and surfaces actual violations, not theoretical possibilities. You have one place to go for access governance, including user provisioning and temporary elevation, plus ongoing UARs, control testing, transaction monitoring, and audit preparation.

With 144+ built-in connectors and the most comprehensive rule-book in the industry, Pathlock can integrate any application, and get you up and running fast, so you see ROI right away.

Our cloud-based system scales with you so you don’t need to worry about development, maintenance, or management time.

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